Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Word of Wisdom

So I have the amazing opportunity to sit in while the Elders teach a wonderful lady the discussions at my house. This lady is truly amazing! She is pretty much family and has such a desire to learn and grow in the gospel I LOVE IT!

Well, this past week the lesson was on the Word of Wisdom.

First, let me just say that all I do is sit in on these lessons. That’s it. I don’t say anything. It’s pretty lame.

I really do love this opportunity though to watch missionary work in action and watch how the people learn and change for the better. To be able to see them develop a love for the gospel and a testimony is so awesome. I've had this opportunity a few times and it’s great. But I am too scared that I really don’t say anything or contribute to what is being taught. I just sit and take everything in.

Anyway, this week the Elders taught the Word of Wisdom. They went about reading out of pamphlets and the scriptures and it was just a great lesson. My mom also joins these lessons and contributes a lot. In this particular lesson I feel like her input was extremely important since she and this lady could relate and my mom could share her testimony about this topic with experience, my mom being a convert to the church.

We began talking about living the Word of Wisdom and how breaking old habits can be hard but with Heavenly Father and a support system it’s very possible. This sweet sister gave an example of past addictions and how she was able to overcome them. She had struggles with an addiction that controlled her life but she woke up one day and decided that she didn't want to live that way anymore, and just like that she changed. And she knew she could do this with habits she had now.

I thought about what she said and her struggles and I related it to me. I am going on a mission, I am scared to death, I am not good with teaching or sharing my feelings—everything you have to pretty much do as a missionary. But with Heavenly Father and a support system, I know that overcoming my fear is very possible. 

Now I know that this isn't a very good comparison but think about it whether it’s a fear or addiction or anything if we have people supporting us and we know that Heavenly Father is there than anything is possible. If this one person could go through these kinds of trials and come out happy and just amazing then I should not let my little fears or trials hold me back in any way.

So the lesson continued. The missionaries taught, she and my mom exchanged stories, my mom bore her testimony, and I read when I was asked to.

At the end of the lesson the missionaries asked: “Will you live the Word of Wisdom?” and this sister answered, with a smile, “I would love to!”  HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?! We were all pretty dang excited about that happy, willing, and honest answer! After the lesson ended, we all sat there and talked a little longer. My mom asked about if she had a desire to be baptized and without any hesitation she answered with a yes! WOOHOO!!!  The missionaries then asked her if she would be willing to set a date for baptism and work towards that, and again her answer was a happy “Yes”.

Eventually everyone left, but this sister and I sat and talked. On the previous Sunday I had invited her to our Branch Temple trip that is coming up, in hopes that I would be able to go through the sites with her before I leave for my mission, and she very excitedly said she’d love to join! We started talking about Palmyra and all the amazing sites. I told her how excited I was to be able to go with her as she would tour and learn more about this amazing gospel and where it all began. As I was talking to her about the sites and some of the history I had the passing thoughts of: “Whoa, how did I know this? Why am I sharing all this right now? Man, I am talking A LOT!” I got so excited about our conversation and then even more excited because in about 15 days this is what I would be doing every day!

And maybe it was because it was just me and her that I was able to talk more and share things that I wasn't sure I really knew, I don’t know, but it was truly amazing to me that at that moment all my fears went away and I was able to share what I knew. And maybe I taught her something she didn’t know.

This gospel is so amazing and every day, no matter how scared and nervous I am to serve, I know more and more that I have made the right choice to serve and that Heavenly Father will continually help me overcome the fears that I do have about serving.

Well it gets better—is that even possible?—my mom returned before the sister left and they started talking more about the lesson, then about the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and eventually about baptism.  My mom asked something about if she was serious about setting a date for baptism and her response kind of blew me away, she said: “YES! If I could I would get baptized tomorrow!” WOW! This lady is SO ready and willing to change and be baptized. How awesome is that?! So she and my mom started calling the elders and seeing what all had to be done so she could be baptized as soon as she could. Then her next comment was: " If I get baptized soon enough, I could go in the Temple and do baptisms on the 29th, right?!" UM WOW! How amazing is it that she already has a desire to enter the temple?!

This is extremely exciting to me. To be able to see her grow in the gospel and in her testimony is so special!  Seeing that she truly loves our Heavenly Father so much that she is willing to change and anxious to join His kingdom is amazing! And it contributes to the excitement I have for serving a mission and being able to help others realize the joy and happiness this gospel brings.

“Your problems [fears] may be big, but our God is much bigger”. No matter the problem, fear, struggle or trial you have, never forget that God is there. Never forget that He knows and loves us each individually. Never forget that He doesn't give us anything that we can’t handle. And never forget the joys and blessings that this gospel brings, it’s truly something to rejoice about.

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